Essential keyworkers & vulnerable children care

Key Workers & Vulnerable Families Letter

Evening everyone
My final email for this week is just to say, please take care, look after each other and we will certainly miss you all. Thank you for your amazing support and kindness. Saying goodbye to you all on the gate this evening was the hardest thing we have had to do. We will (optimistically) be back soon! We are in this together.

Your child’s Class Teacher will be emailing the start of your child’s ‘school’ week at 9am on Monday morning. Please keep in touch with us via twitter or email myself should you need to know anything.

For Key Workers, thank you for your communication today with regards to days and lunch arrangements. We are ready to go on Monday! Please find reattached information regarding our school for key worker children Workers & Vulnerable Families Letter  (this is a repeat of last night’s letter). Should timings/ days change, please call me on 07889569969 from Monday to Friday, between 7.30 and 6.00 or speak to me each day as you drop off/ pick up.

With warm regards,
Mrs T. Swinburne