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Jerry Clay Staff List

CEO Accomplish MAT/ Executive Headteacher at JCAMrs. T Swinburne
Deputy Headteacher/ SENCo/ MFL/ Music/ Curriculum LeadMr. A Palin
Assistant Headteacher/ Reading Lead/ Maths./ Computing LeadMrs. A Johnson
Chief Financial Officer, Accomplish MAT & JCA Business ManagerMrs. Y Wells
Early & After School Club ManagerMrs. N Pickersgill
Office ManagerMrs. V Moss
English Hub Administrator & Pastoral SupportMrs. A Wood
AdministratorMrs. C Ellis
AdministratorMrs. E Bagshaw
Site SupervisorMr. D Rady
Reception Teacher/ PSHE Subject LeadMrs. N Burrows
Reception Teaching AssistantMiss. A Ogden
Reception Teaching AssistantMrs. J Rex
Reception Learning Support AssistantMrs. S Ingham
Reception Learning Support AssistantMiss C Jewell
Year 1 Learning Support AssistantMr. K McDougal
Year 1 Teacher/ Art/ DT & English LeadMiss R Harling
Year 1 Teaching AssistantMrs. W Ward
Year 2 Teacher/ Assistant Headteacher/ Early Reading/ Maths/ Computing LeadMrs. A Johnson
Year 2 Teaching AssistantMiss G Cariss
Year 2 Learning Support AssistantMiss E Bailey
Year 2 Learning Support AssistantMrs. J Hoyte
Year 3 Teacher/ RE LeadMiss. C Morley
Year 4 Teacher/ History & Geography LeadMiss G Farrer
Year 3 & 4 Teaching AssistantMrs. A Wilkinson
Year 5 Teacher/ PE LeadMiss C Hazell
Year 6 TeacherMiss J Karlsson
Year 6 Teacher & Deputy HeadteacherMr A Palin
Year 5 & 6 Teaching AssistantMrs. M Hart
PPA Teacher/ Science LeadMrs. K Longley
Learning / Pastoral MentorMrs. A Wood
Lunchtime Supervisor Line ManagerMrs. D Mynott
Lunchtime SupervisorMs K Wardman
Lunchtime SupervisorMrs. L Brear
Lunchtime SupervisorMs D Foley
Lunchtime SupervisorMrs. C Budd
Lunchtime SupervisorMiss M Mynott
Lunchtime SupervisorMiss A Krysciak
Early and After School AssistantMiss C Jewell
Early & After School AssistantMrs. T Farrer
Head of the KitchenMrs. Z Platt
Kitchen AssistantMrs. C Braim
Kitchen AssistantMrs. D Wilkinson

Jerry Clay English Hub Team

Strategic LeadMrs. T Swinburne
Hub Lead- DeliveryMrs. L Charlesworth
Early Language & TSRC Delivery LeadMrs. K Wood
Hub AdministratorMrs. A Wood
Accelerator Fund AdministratorMrs. E Bagshaw
Hub FinanceMrs. Y Wells
Literacy Specialist- Medium Level Support LeadMrs. J Frost
Literacy SpecialistMiss E Henton
Literacy Specialist/ AuditorMr L Swift
Literacy SpecialistMrs. F Watson
Literacy SpecialistMiss E Dixon
Literacy SpecialistMrs. F England
Literacy SpecialistMiss L Kilkenny
Literacy SpecialistMrs. Beadnell-Bevan
Literacy SpecialistMiss L Whalley
AuditorMrs. A Stone
AuditorMrs. D Edwards