Celebrating the Arts

Art at Jerry Clay Academy


Our Focus: To develop a range of artist skills in all children at all levels through ensuring we hold high expectations of what children can achieve. We teach a skills-based curriculum, providing children with provocations that allow them to produce high-quality end pieces that they are incredibly proud of and want to share with others.

We have ‘Published’ displays throughout school, which allow our children’s high quality work to be showcased, in both our corridors and shared spaces as well as within classrooms. This is something that the children strive to be part of. High quality Art is showcased alongside high quality Literacy outcomes that are connected through their context.


What do we do and why do we do it?

-Each class teacher plans 6 Art units over the course of the year, each focussed on a different strand of Art (e.g. painting, drawing, 3D form, print) so that we ensure breadth of Art across the curriculum and linking in to their current topics.

-We plan backwards from the end-product, ensuring the taught skills are developed upon each week so that the children produce a high quality final piece.

-We develop ideas in the children’s own sketchbooks, where they practise, annotate, add notes to and evaluate their existing work. This is so that the children are able to review their learning journey and develop their critical analysis skills as they progress through a unit.

-We focus on key artists (from a range of genres) within each unit so that we are evaluating quality pieces of work that help us strive for a similar quality from the children. The children critically evaluate artists’ work and develop their skills through discursive analysis (KS1) as well as written notes in KS2.

-We publish the children’s work beautifully on class and corridor displays, which are present in every classroom, displaying exceptional artwork alongside connected high-quality written work so that we allow children to develop an immense sense of pride in their work and constantly strive to be the best that they can be. This empowers those children whose work is chosen as well as motivates those children who want to be part of the next display.

-We also have many opportunities for children to celebrate their learning through an annual Art gallery evening so that our entire community can celebrate the fantastic achievements of the children over the course of our Creative Arts week. Alongside this, each year group plans outcomes for parents to come and see high-quality work throughout the whole curriculum over the course of the year.