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Pupils Progress & Attainment

Attainment & Progress at Jerry Clay Academy

Striving to be the best we can be!

Here at Jerry Clay Academy, every member of staff is fully dedicated to ensuring that every single child makes the best progress that they can.  Across the school, learning conversations are held on a 6 week cycle. We have 3 summative assessment points per year. However, we feel that holistic learning conversations enable us to evaluate what we are doing and tweak, change or add strategies to ensure every child makes excellent progress with us.

The Pastoral Team meet weekly to discuss all pupils and Key Stage Teams look at their phase weekly, removing barriers to learning where needed. The Leadership team along with the Pastoral Team and Class Teachers meet and look at every single child on an individual basis.  We discuss their progress and set challenging targets.  We identify and facilitate further support that children may need to reach their targets. This support is sometimes of an academic nature and may include interventions, additional support, homework club etc.  Other times the support is of a pastoral nature and may include support from our wide-ranging pastoral team – Behaviour support, Mentoring, nurture time etc. We constantly strive to ensure that any barriers to learning and progress are removed. Every individual is very important to us and our mission is to ensure that they are all able to make maximum progress. We are passionate about this!

Performance Overview 2019- the last official published data year to date

Performance Overview 2022