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Vision & Aims

‘Striving to be the best we can be’

Here at Jerry Clay Academy we have very high expectations of our children and ourselves. We are proud of the infectiously happy & ‘magical’ environment we have created. We aim to prepare your children for a future full of learning which will enable them to play a full and active part in the world they inherit. The skills of team-work, effective communication, perseverance, risk-taking, self-discipline, being an inquirer and self-motivation (which we refer to as our ‘Learner Traits’) support our academic successes and will be key factors in your children’s future lives; we look forward to seeing them flourish within our aspirational, secure and happy environment. We believe that everyone is on an everlasting learning journey. Adults and children at Jerry Clay Academy ‘strive to be the best’ that we can be in everything we do, so that we can significantly impact the learning of ourselves and others. We want to ensure that we are constantly adapting to meet the needs of all of our learners in this exciting and ever-changing society.

Our Vision…

  • To promote the development of secure, happy, well-adjusted
    individuals who are equipped for lifelong learning.

Our aims are to…

  • Provide a curriculum which is knowledge-rich, wide, progressive, purposeful & connects to our community & the world we live in
  • Create an environment of excellence in which the children (& adults) feel motivated, secure and happy
  • Enable each child, through fostering high expectations, to grow and develop intellectually, physically, spiritually, and aesthetically in order to enable him/her to achieve their potential
  • Develop attitudes which will be positively helpful to the individual child, the whole school and to society in general
  • Foster excellent relationships among all staff, children, parents, governors and the community and promote equality of opportunity