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Pupil Experience & Personal Development at JCA

At JCA, we know that the quality of education open doors, increases confidence and therefore we place high importance on delivering an ambitious and academic curriculum to all of our children so that every individual strives to be the best they can be everyday. Of equal importance, is the necessity for children to build cultural capital and develop into well-rounded individuals who contribute positively to society. The pupil experience curriculum at JCA permeates through the academy and provides students with a plethora of experiences that sit besides, intertwine with, and compliment the academic curriculum.

Personal Development is central to everything we do at JCA & is something that permeates our ethos. Find out about our comprehensive support below:


The document below provides a broad overview on what children can expect to experience throughout their seven years at Jerry Clay Academy.

Jerry Clay Academy ensure that the curriculum and holistic approach to learning allows all children to have a range of enriching opportunities and memorable experiences. It is through the broad curriculum and opportunities that we ensure all children:

  • Are happy and safe
  • Show respect for others and themselves
  • Enjoy a range of cultural experiences
  • Thrive upon challenge and show resilience
  • Are confident in a range of different situations

The Jerry Clay Curriculum Model allows opportunities for children to develop across many different areas of the curriculum giving them opportunities to be leaders in school.
Children have a broad range of in-school experiences throughout the year including theme weeks and class celebration events. Our curriculum is designed to be reactive, relevant, reflective and responsive to the needs and interests of all of our children.

Curriculum model 2 diagram