NSPCC visit & school holidays consultation with Wakefield Council

Good afternoon all


Please find above a letter regarding some work that the NSPCC will be doing with our children this week for your awareness.

Setting of the 2017-18 school calendar- The Wakefield Council Consultation

It has come to our attention that Wakefield Council are currently holding a consultation on the school calendar for 2017-18.  Please can I urge you to follow the link below so that you can have your views heard on this. Please remember that Wakefield Council is responsible for setting term dates for community and voluntary controlled schools while governing bodies of foundation and voluntary aided schools are responsible for setting their own term dates. Academies (and free schools) have the freedom to set their own calendar. We do however, like to follow the council to ensure that holidays are convenient for all and we will be taking this into account.

The Council’s Cabinet has previously agreed that Wakefield should, where possible, align its school calendar with neighbouring local authorities.



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